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First, let me say to all those of you who bought up all the available hand sanitizer – SHAME ON YOU! You are despicable human beings. You should immediately donate all your hoard to those who are most in need. Seriously!

Ok, so that’s out of my system (mostly). We all know that nothing beats proper handwashing with good ol’ soap and water, but hand sanitizer is good in a pinch. The CDC recommends hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. The recipe below was shared by PennHerb.com and Lisa Taormino. My only change was to add Thieves Oil instead of the other oils, but if you don’t have Thieves, use the below. The key is using alcohol that is at least 60% or higher. When I made this I was pleasantly surprised by the consistency and the ease of putting it all together. And I used a small squeeze bottle (much like a travel-size Purell bottle) instead of a spray bottle.

Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer
Lisa Taormino RN, BSN, ASN, BS

If you’re running into empty shelves when you go shopping for hand sanitizers, don’t panic, just make your own. When you know you won’t be able to access soap and water, whip up a batch ahead of time to spray hands and surfaces.
What you will need: Bowl, spoon, spray bottle container. 


Nothing could be easier! Simply mix the ingredients together and then pour them into the bottle. Screw the lid onto the bottle and you’re ready to go!

Remember, washing your hands with soap and water is best, but this is great for while you’re away from running water.

I don’t know about you, but I am truly worried about this pandemic! I think even herbalists will worry. There is still so much that we don’t know about the virus and the symptoms. I was looking at the official information on the CDC website and the symptoms seem just like a cold or flu. So, how on earth are we supposed to tell the difference?

We aren’t. That’s not our job. Our job is to listen to authorities, to not cause more problems, and to practice common sense.

If you suspect you have Covid-19, and the symptoms aren’t too bad, stay home. Self-quarantine. Tell anyone you’ve been in contact with. For more information please visit the CDC official site. If you are unsure or have questions, call your doctor. Stay safe. Stay Home. WASH YOUR HANDS!

You got this…


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