Easy Herbal Remedies

My goal is to help you feel better naturally. I promise to always tell you if you should see a doctor. I don’t have the cure for cancer – although I sincerely wish I did. I can’t wave my hands over your broken bones to heal them, although again, I wish I could. Herbalists are not magicians! We are real people trying to help you using natural remedies. But, as with doctors, if you’re not honest with us about your conditions, we can’t help at all, and could hurt you because you didn’t tell the truth.

I have been researching herbal medicine for over 10 years and continuing my education for many years. Some of my more recent courses include:

  • Medicinal Plants; Cornell University Certificate, starting March 2022
  • Advanced  (Clinical) Herbalism, 500 hours, The Herbal Academy, Completed 02/11/2022
  • Pandemic Webinar Series: Therapeutic Strategies in Stages of Covid-19; The Herbalist during the Current Viral Pandemic; Andragogy for Online Herbal Programs; Integrative Perspectives on Covid-19; Street Reach: Herbs take Root with the Unhoused, 2022.
  • Lyme Disease and Herbal Protocols, American Herbalists Guild, 2020
  • Foraging Course; The Herbal Academy, 2020 (17 hours)
  • Making Herbal Preparations, The Herbal Academy, 2019
  • Botanical Skincare, The Herbal Academy, June 2019
  • Intermediate Herbal Course (175 hours), Herbal Academy, 2019
  • Materia Medica, The Herbal Academy, 2019 (30 hours)
  • Clinical Practice: Supporting Clients with Stress, The Herbarium, 2019
  • Herbs for Animals, The Herbarium, 2019
  • Apothecary, Learning Herbs, 2019
  • Taste of Herbs, Learning Herbs, 2018
  • Herbal Cold Care, Learning Herbs, 2018
  • Penn Foster Career School, Herbal Studies Certificate, 2013

I am constantly researching! I have conditions that are unfortunately incurable, Meniere’s Disease, Chronic Pain (Acute Cutaneous Nerve Entrapment Syndrome that after surgery I have lowered the pain level a bit but there are no more options available), Polycystic Kidney Disease. As well as conditions that are stable but still require care, hypothyroidism, menopause, migraines.

Because of my research, I’ve been able to replace pain management for my chronic pain after pain medicines were denied by my pain clinic (another story), reduce menopause symptoms significantly, improve my immune response to colds and flu, and relieve my own migraines without prescription medications.

I’m not an anti-vaxer. I believe in vaccines, and that they have saved lives. (I ALWAYS RECOMMEND GETTING YOUR FLU SHOT) I’m not a doctor, but I believe I can help my doctor help me. Always talk to your doctor about any herbal remedies you want to try to ensure there are no contraindications with your current prescriptions.

With me, you’ll always get honesty, if I don’t know, I’ll tell you. I promise.

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