Easy Herbal Remedies

Guest articles are welcome! Please email me with your article pitch. The subject should be herbal/natural living related, and well researched. If I feel it is too self-promoting, I may reject it or ask you for a rewrite.  Herbal Journal doesn’t pay for guest articles.

Endorsements (Including asking me to become your affiliate): I do not recommend ANY product I have not personally tried. If you want me to endorse your product, please ask to send me the product in question. Note, I prefer products from companies who have the highest manufacturing standards, inspection certificates and certificates of purity from well-respected labs are a must for me. If I can’t see a clear label, a history of good manufacturing practices, and a clear record of inspections – even if this isn’t something you put up on your website – I will not be interested.  I do not pay for the products you are asking me to endorse or become an affiliate for.

Affiliate Programs and Product Promotions: If I haven’t used the product, I will not become an affiliate for it. It’s that simple. I never recommend, endorse, or promote products I don’t fully believe in. If you want me to consider in any way promoting your product, you must send it to me for review.


My goal at Herbal Journal and Hilltop Herbals is to always be honest in my information, and recommendations. I promise to never promote anything that I can’t believe in, from guest articles to products.

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