Easy Herbal Remedies

I’ve searched for and used a variety of online calculators while making my herbal preparations.  Here are a few I like:

From the Herbal Academy, this article details how to dilute high-proof alcohol for use in tinctures.

Alcohol Calculator: This calculator helps to determine the alcohol content you want in your tincture or other alcohol preparation.

Custom Tincture Calculator by Perfect Herbs. This calculator allows for several different calculations on tinctures and tea with the added bonus of saying how long the tincture will last, and you can add all to the cart.

Essential Oil Dilution: This is a very simple calculator for diluting essential oils in carrier oils.

Essential Oil Ratio/Dilution and Calculator: Mountain Rose Herbs makes a beautifully simple calculator and easy-to-understand ratio and dilution guides.

Dry Herb Calculator: to convert herbal concentrates into dry herb equilivants.

Other Herbal Tools:

CanvusApps Stockpile Inventory Management: It’s not strictly for herbalists and their apothecaries, but it has been a game changer for me. Read my article on Recent Upgrades in the Apothecary for how it helped me. And the best part?  Stockpile is FREE!

Meridiq Client Record Management: It is geared more toward aesthetic services but is highly customizable and HIPPA-friendly. It’s FREE for up to 25 clients and very affordable after that.


I hope these resources are helpful for you, I’ll add more as I find them.


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