Easy Herbal Remedies

Hilltop Herbals by Kathy McCabe are available at our online store.   Also, our labels are changing to something nicer (I think anyway!) so we’ll be using what we have then transitioning once the old stock is gone.

Please take note: I will not be shipping salves and lotions during the summer – to keep them from melting. These will only be available locally until October 1st

Following is a sampling of what we have available:

Hilltop Herbals Arnica Rub

Hilltop Herbals: Arnica Rub

Arnica salves and rubs have been used for centuries to ease pain, swelling, and bruising. I use it for my arthritic fingers and the one joint in my hand that needs to be replaced! For more information and to purchase please visit the Hilltop Arts Store.

Hilltop Herbals: Migraine Buster

This is a remedy in tea or tincture format that may help alleviate your migraines after they hit. To learn more and to purchase please visit our Hilltop-Arts Store.

Evergreen Rub is perfect for sore muscles, muscle cramps, and strains. It is light and self-warming which makes it perfect for muscle cramps. For more information or to purchase please visit our Hilltop Arts store.



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