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I’m pleased to offer resources that I believe in. Please note, if you purchase after clicking on my links I may receive a small commission, which helps me keep my pricing lower.

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Herbal Resources

Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs offers high-quality, ethically sourced herbs, and accessories. I’ve used them for years and they are wonderful!




Ayurveda Business Insurance & Business Tools

I’m insured through Alternative Balance. I feel they are the best balance of quality and affordability for your liability insurance needs. They specialize in alternative and unique industries such as Ayurveda and Herbalists.











Fire Cider!  I LOVE this book!  Crazy good recipes and a look at the origins of Fire Cider. Worth the read!

I love these racks for hanging herbs. Very handy especially with a pulley so you can bring them down, then push them up out of the way.



Plant Monographs

These are plant monographs created by Kathy McCabe


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