Easy Herbal Remedies

You want to sleep. You need to sleep. You don’t need artificial chemicals in your sleep aids.

All-natural, organic, zero fillers, and zero artificial chemicals. Just something to help you sleep and leave no chemical hangover in the morning. For Occasional Use.

What’s in it?

Valerian (valerian officinalis): Known for centuries as nature’s best sleep aid, it is a sedative, and relaxant, that relieves anxiety and can relieve muscle spasms. Modern studies have shown valerian (taken up to an hour before sleep) can help people sleep longer and fall asleep faster, and has shown its ability to reduce anxiety. (This root should be avoided during pregnancy. Do not take prescription sedatives or narcotic pain medication as valerian may exaggerate their effectiveness.) Valerian is not for long-term high-dose use. It could cause liver toxicity and/or dependence.

Chamomile (German Chamomile Matricaria recutita): Can be used as a muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory, it is wonderfully calming and helps to reduce stress – which is a major contributor to sleeplessness. Chamomile can also help with mild stomach upsets and is useful in easing digestion. With its apple aroma and mild flavoring (slightly bitter which is why it is so good for digestion), it makes a delicious and relaxing tea. (Those allergic to plants in the aster (Asteraceae) family may be sensitive to Chamomile, and those on blood thinners should avoid it. Do not take other sedatives or narcotic pain medication while using chamomile, as their effects may be exaggerated. Pregnant women and lactating women should not ingest chamomile. )

Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis):  Lemon Balm soothes nervousness and anxiety, and it can help repair the nervous system and makes a delicious tea with a lemony smell – and a subtle but delicious lemon taste, which can help digestive upsets. Researchers are considering lemon balm as an aid for dementia and Alzheimer’s. Lemon balm should not be taken in long-term high doses for those with thyroid issues such as Graves disease, as it may slow the thyroid function.

That’s it. That’s all the ingredients in Bella Valeriana, packaged in a sustainable, reusable container. Doesn’t this sound better than all the chemicals no one can pronounce included in many sleep aids?

Our serving suggestion is to take two (2) capsules about forty-five minutes to an hour before bedtime. If after an hour you’re not feeling sleepy, you may take one (1) more capsule. The maximum serving is three (3) capsules.

We also suggest taking Bella Valeriana only when you know you’ll have at least 6 (six) hours of sleep time, do not take Bella Valeriana and drive or use heavy machinery. Do not take Bella Valeriana with alcohol. Pregnant women and lactating women should not take Bella Valeriana.

Available!  Comes packaged with 50 capsules in a reusable tin. $25.99. Order today.


Before starting any herbal supplement, speak to your medical professional about any possible contraindications with your current medications and conditions.


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