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Fennell Seed is a centuries old fold remedy for weight loss and is still used today. Drink fennel seed tea about 20 to 30 minutes before a meal to curb your appetite.

Fennel Seed is helpful in reducing bloating, gas and aids in digestion, and can help to alleviate abdominal cramping.  As an added bonus for women, fennel seed can help level hormones during menopause. (Also try my Hot Flash Buster (coming soon to Hilltop Arts store) which has been life altering for me!)

Fennel Seed Tea
1 teaspoon fennel seed for each cup of boiling water
Bruise the seed in a mortar and pestle (if you don’t have one you can bruise them on a cutting board with a spoon or rolling pin)
Steep for at least 10 minutes – COVERED (we don’t want those valuable herbal properties escaping!)
Strain and Serve hot (you can warm it back up if its not hot enough).  You can use honey if you don’t care for the taste. However, I find it very good without sugar or honey.)

Did you know? Fennel seed is also good for our pets.  It can help with gas, colic, bloating and can increase appetite for picky eaters, and help with bad breath. You can put fennel directly into your pets food or add a little fennel seed tea to their drinking water. (This post first appeared on my company blog at www.thehilltopgrp.net)

Enjoy!  Kathy

I am one excited chick! In my last post, I mentioned that I had been working on a migraine remedy using herbs.  Well, I’ve been working on it for a few weeks and I’m convinced! It WORKS! I can’t tell you how exciting it is – especially since it took nearly a decade to find the right combination of medications to alleviate my migraines before. I was extremely upset when the maker of the migraine onset medication was no longer making it, I pictured myself going through years of trial and error to find one that worked. Not any more!! 

Using a blend of different herbs, including Chamomile, Motherwort and several herbs that are flavor enhancers as well as medicinal, I’ve put together a migraine remedy that’s really effective. Especially after Saturday evening, we were in Walmart, after having taken a nice drive around our area, when a migraine hit. This was one of the BIG ones, a true migraine that wasn’t triggered by a food additive or stress.  Completely debilitating, and of course, horribly painful.

… I pictured myself going through years of trial and error to find one that worked…

We headed home and I put the migraine tea to the test.  It took two cups, about 45 minutes apart.  I’m convinced this is the right choice for me – and I didn’t have a medication hangover the next morning, I slept beautifully and the pain was gone before I went to sleep. Best experience with a migraine I’ve had – ever!
(This post first appeared on my personal blog at tobenamedlater.com)

Photo by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Who knew? I have a gouty toe, weird, I’ve had it for years and it’s quite painful. It doesn’t flare up often, but over the holidays it flared up and has made me uncomfortable since then. I do NOT want another prescription. I don’t want to go to the doctor (spend money) and have him tell me what I already know… It’s high uric acid, I need to lose weight (thank you menopause!) I need to watch my diet better… I know all that… (And I’m working on it!!)

I was doing research on home remedies to find relief for it. I found tons of information online about celery seed as a remedy. Well, I had some in my spice box and thought it couldn’t hurt to try.

I feel a BIG difference in my toe! I’m so excited I feel like dancing around the house and I bet I could!

Kathy’s personal experience!

First, I started a celery seed tincture using the Folk method and 80 proof vodka (it’ll be ready in 6 weeks). Then, I made an infusion of celery seed and let it cool. Then… I drank it. Now, I really like celery, and this infusion was pretty good, a little bitter but not bad.

Celery seed is a diuretic and helps to promote a healthy urinary tract and reduce inflammation. You guessed it… It makes you go… Really! Anyway, this morning, after only one infusion, I feel a BIG difference in my toe! I’m so excited I feel like dancing around the house and I bet I could! I will have the infusion two more days in a row, or until flare-up is over, then go on a schedule of maybe once a week.

After the tincture is finished, I might not even need the infusion. There are lots of resources online, just google celery seed and gout. I did read that it’s not supposed to be taken by pregnant women so keep that in mind if you decide to try it. I’ve always been interested in herbs and their medicinal properties and I think I’ll see what other herbs can help my aches and pains. Hmmm. Maybe for my migraines? I feel all “mother earthy” all of a sudden! 🙂 NOTE: I’m not a doctor, I can only say what worked for ME. You may or may not have the same results.

First posted on the ToBeNamedLater.com blog by Kathy McCabe


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