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I am so excited to share!

I created a mushroom foraging journal (with Hilltop Arts) and used one of my photographs as the cover.

Mushroom Foraging Journal by Hilltop Arts Example Page of Mushroom Foraging Journal by Hilltop Arts













There is plenty of detail on the pages including location and GPS coordinates! I have been wanting to forage for mushrooms but haven’t yet because I wasn’t sure how I wanted to document my excursions.  I’ve studied mushrooms, although not as much as I have with herbs – but this will help me progress in my knowledge.

And the best part – – it’s available on AMAZON! (along with many other books and journals by Hilltop Arts.)

Click here to get your copy!

Happy Mushroom Foraging!

Hello again, its time for the April 2020 Herbal Journals.

I hope you all are staying safe and healthy. This is a trying time for everyone.

Just a reminder, if you would like to submit an article, please send it to me via email.

Thank you! Kathy

A little while ago I wrote a little ebook. I’m sharing it again here on Herbal Journal. Enjoy!


Why the Hilltop Herb Woman? I think I’m the only herbalist on my hilltop AND I’m enjoying my life as an herbalist so much that I’m embracing the identity. I love being able to offer items that can help people and knowledge about herbs that I never knew I wanted. (This post first appeared on the blog at our parent company The Hilltop Group, LLC)


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