Easy Herbal Remedies

I love Fire Cider!  It’s definitely not for everyone but it’s amazingly good for you!

Image of Fire Cider maceration

I make mine using turmeric root, onions (green onions), garlic, freshly grated horseradish root, apple cider vinegar, cayenne peppers, and honey.  I put it all in a half-gallon jar and add enough apple cider vinegar to cover the herbs 4-5 inches.  I cover it tightly and let it macerate for 6 weeks – shaking daily. Then I strain it and add the honey to taste.

Fire Cider is great for digestion, is very anti-inflammatory, and can help keep your immunity strong. I take a shot glass of it daily. I highly recommend it!  There are many recipes out there but I really like the one by Rosemary Gladstar – who is basically the mother of Fire Cider.


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