Easy Herbal Remedies

My Herbie Ladies Group was blessed to meet at our friend J’s house in her gorgeous gardens.  I’m not exaggerating, her gardens are fantastic!

First, she treated us to a lovely Turkish Tea and some wonderful cheeses and slices of bread, exotic olives, sweets, and even soft-boiled eggs. It was divine and I felt completely spoiled. 🙂 The conversation ranged – as it always does with these amazing ladies – from eclectic topics to all things herb related. Afterward, we began our walk around her gardens.

Now, J has more plants growing in her gardens than in many professional gardens I’ve seen. It’s all-natural, has no pesticides, and does require a lot of work. Thankfully she has plenty of help. Whenever I go there, I’m sent home with tons of goodies.

Overall, it’s always so energizing to meet with my Herbie Ladies and I can’t wait till next time.

Here are some pictures I took, of these, cultivated hydrangea is mostly ornamental however wild hydrangea does have some medicinal benefits. Blueberries have many benefits and are extremely good for eye health as they are loaded with lutein, antioxidants, and compounds that benefit nearly every other part of the body. And, believe it or not, the water lily (root) does have some herbal uses from promoting liver health and treating kidney pain – but do your own research!

Hydrangea by Kathy McCabe

Gorgeous hydrangea

Waterlily by Kathy McCabe

Water Lily by Kathy McCabe

Blueberries by Kathy McCabe

Blueberries just starting to ripen




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