Easy Herbal Remedies

Here’s my update on the essential oil distiller, first I love it! It was a chore getting a submersible pump and valves available to fit the tubing, but we did it. The reason is that my faucet is a pull-out and doesn’t come apart so I have to use the pump and bucket method instead. (Which is no biggie).

I couldn’t wait to do fresh plant material, so I used dried rose petals. A: if they are dried, use less because they will swell. B: start with boiling water in the boiler, it will work better/faster, C: get a more powerful burner plate! (If your stove is close to the sink then you won’t need to do this).

The whole process is really neat, and I am so glad I have this new tool! here are some pictures and a quick video. This was the first attempt and I learned a bunch – can’t wait to do more!


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