Easy Herbal Remedies

On Saturday, May 6th, which was National Herb Day, I was blessed to have a group of people over to my home where we drank tea, talked about everything under the sun, and had a lesson in making salves – in this case, it was Arnica Montana Salve for bruising and topical pain relief. And we had a plant walk in my wild yard.

It was glorious!  I loved seeing the enthusiasm and interest and they asked such brilliant questions! Luckily there was another person there who was really good at plant identification.

And I learned I have Cleavers in my yard!  Now to research that plant and discover all its benefits.

Photograph of Cleavers (galium aparine) by Dall-E

Photograph of Cleavers (galium aparine) by Dall-E

Overall, it was an extraordinary day and one I’ll cherish.  I hope we do more like them.

~ Kathy, Hilltop Herb Woman 🙂


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