Easy Herbal Remedies

Last weekend I created a tincture using the Percolation Method. I didn’t have all the required equipment types but I had some things that I could mix and match and make work.

This is what I came up with:

And this worked fine – except the valve kept stopping and I’d have to adjust it. So instead of having it stand or soak for 12 hours, it was rather more like 18. Still a good result but I wanted something more controlled.

I found a 1000 ml dropping funnel at Fisher Scientific, and the lab stand and retort rings at Amazon. Set up the next batch (yellow dock, dandelion, and anise seed for an elimination tincture). Grind to a coarse sand consistency. Pre-moisten with menstruum, let sit for 3 hours, then pack into the dropping funnel. (The best tutorial I’ve found is here: How to Make Herbal Tinctures: The Percolation Extraction Method)

Percolation tincture setup

Percolation Tincture Setup

So, now it sits for 12 hours, then a slow drip through and it will be ready. Much faster than standard maceration tinctures, although I will probably not use this method for every tincture. It’s fun to have choices.


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