Easy Herbal Remedies

My hubby, that wonderful man, surprised me with this amazing piece of equipment for the apothecary. He listened when I complained that I couldn’t get much essential oil using the distiller I already had and that I really needed an essential oil separator. Then I forgot about the conversation – but he didn’t! Then a box showed up…

Essential Oil Extractor for hydrosols and essential oils.

Running out of room on top of the china cabinet!

The extractor/distiller will do essential oil separation as well as hydrosols and it came complete with the extraction tube, boiler, column, tubes, and bottles.  I’m in love with it – it’s gorgeous!  And I’ll be setting it up and doing an extraction very soon – and I’ll report back!

By the way, this is a Copper-Pro Essential Oil Extractor – and I’m just about to set it up for my first extraction.

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