Easy Herbal Remedies

I’m very proud of my apothecary, I’ve built it from drawers to drawers and a cabinet to what it is today. I think it’s beautiful, and I love how I feel like the Mad Scientist when I’m working there. I’m grateful I have space in my dining room that allows me to take an entire wall for my apothecary!

As much as I love the apothecary now, there are still two problem shelves that tend to drive me crazy. So, I fixed that.  I put shelves on the shelves for better utilization. I used to have to take everything out if I wanted something in the back, jars were stacked on top of jars, but that wasn’t efficient. This way is much better. I also added lighting to better see what I’m doing.



And adding the lighting (rechargeable!) made such a difference. Now, I can take out items from one shelf and not disturb those items right above it!

This isn’t the only organizing I’ve been doing! I’ve also finished labeling, categorizing, and adding images to my herbal database.


Organized by label (category)

I utilized the free inventory tracker by Canvus Apps, Stockpile. (Small Business Inventory | Free Online Inventory System | Inventory Management (thecanvus.com)) and it has been a game changer for the management of my apothecary. Now, wherever I am, I can always know if I need more of something. It’s accessible from my phone, tablet, and computer.

I feel so organized now – ready for the Spring rush of herbal medicine making! Does anyone else have Spring fever like I do?

Have a great day!


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