Easy Herbal Remedies

Kathy McCabe

Kathy is an herbalist/naturopathic practitioner who is constantly researching to expand her knowledge. She came to herbalism after her migraine medicine was suddenly removed from the market and she had to find something new. After discovering the magic of herbs she's never looked back. She is accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) and is an Associate Member of the American Herbalist Guild.
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Because I’m having surgery soon, I thought I’d write about herbal support for pre and post-surgery preparation and recovery.

Surgery is a significant medical intervention that often requires careful preparation and recovery. While conventional medical practices play a crucial role… Continue reading

One common issue that many of us face is inflammation, which can manifest in our bodies in various ways, from joint pain to digestive discomfort. While there are pharmaceutical options available, nature has provided us with an arsenal of herbs… Continue reading

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