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Calming Room SprayIntroducing our Calming Room Spray!  In a special edition 8-ounce reusable bottle.  Did you know that lavender provides calming benefits just by smelling it?  I can be stressed to the max with my shoulders up near my ears and just smelling lavender makes me feel better.  Turns out, there’s proof it works!

Lavender’s anxiolytic properties come not just from ingestion but also from inhalation. An article that the inhalation of lavendulan officinal reduced the anxiety levels and found that aromatherapy using Lavender increased the parasympathetic nervous system (Essential oil of lavender in anxiety disorders: Ready for prime time? – PMC (nih.gov)). (I wrote this recently in my homework for Cornell University.)

To this end, we’ve created a Calming Room Spray utilizing lavender and chamomile – another very relaxing herb – you can shake it up and spray it or put a little into your diffuser.

Available now at Hilltop Arts.

Get to know some common herbs – this month it’s Chickweed!

This body of research is by Kathy McCabe, if you are interested in citing me, or using my resources please email me.

I’ve been busy in my kitchen lately. I’m harvesting wonderful goodies such as feverfew, salvias, speedwells, sorrels, lavenders, mint, lemon balm, plantain, and more. All hanging in my little corner to dry for later use – except those I used right away for chickweed, plantain, and lavender salve.

I am loving how wonderful my kitchen is smelling! We even got some gorgeous roses, but I didn’t get a picture before they faded. 🙁

With the herbs that I’m drying, I’ll be able to make my migraine tea, skin healing salves, cough medicine/expectorant, digestive tonics, and more. Just these little herbs. Here are some of my favorites:

Speedwells (veronica): Use the young and small leaves in salads, the older leaves for skin healing salves and in tinctures.

Sorrels: In my yard, we have yellow wood sorrel (oxalis stricta), and it’s such a fun herb. Sometimes while I’m picking, I eat it raw – and love the lemony taste. I developed a tea with it I call “Lemon-not-Lemon Tea. And since normal lemon tends to antagonize my vertigo conditions, it’s a wonderful alternative for me.

Woodland Sage (salvia nemorosa L.): I love these purple salvias – they are long-blooming and gorgeous. Although it’s not the most medicinally useful of the sages (like salvia officianalis) it can still be useful. The leaves are anti-inflammatory and are helpful for reducing hot flashes, and as a gargle for sore throats and expectorant for coughs.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is an amazingly beneficial herb and highly effective aromatic. Who doesn’t feel an instant air of calmness when they smell it? Because of its calming and pain-relieving qualities, Lavender is vital to my pain management. But it’s also very good for the skin so it’s wonderful in salves and lotions. I’m also a big fan of chamomile and lavender tea for when I can’t sleep.

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